“Happiness is not a point of arrival but a way of traveling. “- Margaret Lee Runbeck

When you think “one day …”, “when I have money …”, “when I have time …”, “when I get out of my parents’ house …”, “When I retire …” “… after Christmas”, “next year …”, etc.. etc.. etc.. You’re throwing your life away from you by postponing your future.

And the future has a defect rather boring: it is ever the present, it’s always the future.

Thus when you establish goals, objectives and make plans, make sure that you start living now in line with what you intend.

– If you wanna be rich, live the richness you have now.

If you would be loved, enjoy the love you have now.

– If you intend to get famous, thank the fame now, if you want to be generous, share today a little or how much you already have, if you want to be successful celebrate your successes today.

Because you will see, sooner or later, that nothing in life is permanent, everything is a process not a destination, indeed not a destinations, only a path. Nothing prevents you to go through any of them starting right now.

“Ah!” – You say to me, “you speak like that because you do not know my situation! If you only knew … is that this is all very nice but it is for you, if you had the hast my place to see if you told them that you say. “

I have bad news to give you: you are not better than anyone else.

And I have good news for you: you’re no worse than anyone.

And how do I know? If you are reading this is because you are in search of something different . And, as I say, if the destination is after all your own way, then searching is already finding.

Personally I believe that without knowing you, you have all the qualities
necessary for you to get where you want. If you think it is not because you have
not discovered your potential.

Stop thinking about whether or not you are capable and do it.


Once you’re on the road, you’ll see that after all it wasn’t so difficult.

Of course you can always opt for a postponed lifestyle, in the future, in your imagination,thinking that things will get better, waiting for a miracle while you observe your current life with regret and pity.

You can do this, yes, but do not forget that living well is the work of fate, but one you can undo your choice whenever you want.

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