In this article I’ll tell you what I learned today … and it was BRUTAL! It was like a good punch in the stomach.

First let me tell you something spectacular: Today I saw my oldest daughter, who emigrated to Toronto for almost two years and who I had not seen since then.

The circumstances of her coming to Canada were similar to those of my second daughter, Bia, to England: no course, no job and no money.

My greatest joy is bigger still because I remember so many financial difficulties we went through as a family, to the point of becoming separated, two older emigrated daughters, each in its place.

Today was a day of joy. Ruth and Pipo (her husband, newlyweds) have their business with the Empower Network, and will soon be able to return to Portugal if they wish.

I came with my wife and my youngest daughter, Olivia to spend some time here, see family and friends and enjoy this wonderful country.

Today we went to the Zoo

The big surprise,the “punch in the stomach” arose from the fact that in this rich country, where people have more than enough to live and to spoil, there’s no quality of life.

Do not get me wrong: people make money. But let me tell you: the price is too expensive if you do not have time for what is important and if you live in constant stress without being able to enjoy so many good things that life offers us.

– I discovered that I am a rich person. But very very rich!
– I discovered that I am in the top 1% of the richest people in the world!

Do you know why?

It’s not because of the absurdity of money earned with the Empower Network. It is because of the way it allows me to set priorities and put these two things on the top of them:

1 – Enjoy life and
2 – Make a difference.

As for you, thank you for you reading me and allowing me to share with you my small and great achievements. Know that I do hope to give you a light and prove to you that:

Everything you can DREAM, you can ACHIEVE.

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