“We’re meant to be happy.” – Unknown

I don’t know who ever said this and I am sure that you, dear reader, did get a little disappointed with the powerful phrase of today.

You thought, “well, that I’m already sick of hearing, I was hoping for something new: (”

Well then here’s the new thing, the Biiiiiiiiiiig News:

“We’re meant to be happy.”

Not to put up with bosses, peers, or employees, or to fight distressed with the fear of tomorrow, with the weight of bills to pay, incomplete and poorly cultivated relationships, escaping the disease and death.

This is really our day-to-day, but we were made for something else:

“fighting like who plays, working like who has fun, knowing that Tomorrow everything will be better than today and that the future is brighter, what ever happens. “


Can you believe it? With all your mind and intuition?


So it’s worth reading again the phrase of the day and think of what the hell you’re here to do!

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