” Excellence is not a skill but an attitude .” – Ralph Marston

To be very good at something is to be competent. Competence is something you will learn through study, practice and modeling (observation and copy).

Does it have any use? Of course. Some call it also “professionalism” and is the least you can demand of yourself if you want to survive.

I know many people in my industry who have their business part-time. They think a home-based business and part-time is something less than a job. That’s why they are not professionals: they postpone important tasks, do not take care of their business contacts, they don’t do networking and do not invest in ongoing training.

What happens to all these people: failure. Without a doubt. The economy does not stand amateurs.

However there are many who are professionals. They are organized, and treat the business, the prospects and customers, they employ themselves, they study, practice and model the best. They are professionals and are competent.

Will they succeed ? Absolutely. Much? No.

They will not have much success in the same way that a musician can be a technician or an artist. You master the technique of the instrument and play all the notes perfectly. That makes you a musician who can live from music, but it does not make you a big success.

It’s that competence is essential, but it’s not all. On top of that you need to have attitude, soul of victory.

This attitude will permeate all your words and actions and you’ll become not only competent or professional, but excellent.

Without excellence, at most, you can be above average. That’s not bad, it is terrible. Being above average is often the beginning of the end, because you think you got something already and you stop progressing.

How to be excellent? How have such an attitude?

You got it when you live with a purpose and that purpose relays everything you feel, think, say and do . You have your Why.

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