“The power of a nation’s integrity comes from within the household.” – Confucius

You can not deceive yourself thinking that you can fool everybody. If you show yourself as a genius your ignorance will come out, if virtuous, to the public will come your vices; if rich, your debts; if poor, your riches; if smart, your stupidity; if healthy, your diseases; if fun, your sorrows; if generous, your selfishness.


You can fool many people for some time, but you can not fool all the people all the time trying to make it look like you’re something that you are not.

That’s integrity and therein lies your power.

Being integrate, complete, “whole” means that you embrace all that you are, strengths and weaknesses, because some as well as a few others contribute in their way to conquer your unique place in the world. Assume each with joy.

Do not fall in the trap that you have to prove to be better than someone or having to prove yourself.

This is an infection that you just can not allow, for you are, certifiably, from  “farming without contamination and without dyes or preservatives.

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