In the movie “In Time” with Justin Timberlake, everything is compared with lifetime.

The details of the movie are science fiction, but the concept is reality TODAY!

Today I discovered something that really touched me and that I want to share with you. I was told that there is a movie where people are born with a certain number of hours to live and, when they go shopping, hours of their life are taken. That’s the way it works. They out their arm in a machine, they have a chip or something and they can buy a packet of sugar for a couple of minutes of their life. This is a bit of the concept of the movie.

I heard this and it touched me a lot. Do you know why?

Well, because it’s not science fiction. That is real. That’s really the way it is.

I’ll give you an example: a person who earns 1000euros a month. Those 1000 every month correspond to 100 hours of work. That means this person earns 10euros per hour, right? Now imagine that this person goes out to buy a phone for 100euros, but instead of paying with 100euros he pays with 10 hours of lifetime. So this time is taken out of his lifespan and he loses 10 hours of his life. And then he goes to the supermarket and spends 50euros on groceries and, instead of paying with cash, he has 5 hours of time taken from his hife. 

And if you notice, if you have to, instead of giving money like 10 euros they took 1 hour from your lifetime, you would think it’s cheap. And it is. Because as we all know, there’s no price for life. Time of life is the most precious thing we have.

And there’s a big incongruity here:

On one hand, it’s extremely creepy to think that I’m going to buy something that’s worth 10 euros but I give up an hour of my life, so I’m going to die a hour earlier, but it seems normal to pay those 10 euros and give a hour of life to a boss or some other person.

We give up our lifetime anyway. A hour of lifetime that we spend fulfilling someone else’s purpose is a hour of our life that we’re giving away for I don’t know what.

So, think about this: Some time ago I heard Wayne Dyer say “You will never be free as long as you work for someone else.” And this is one of the most certain things I’ve ever heard. As long as you sell your time you’ll be paying with hours of your life every time you buy something.

You put gas in your car thay take whatever hours from your life. You go to the supermarket and they take another few hours from your life. You pay taxes and because of the fact that you pay the taxes they take more hours of your life.

This is horrible! Ans it’s not science fiction, it is real!

Do something about this. That’s what I reccomend. I did. I don’t play that game anymore and I don’t want to play it. I work for myself, for my own purposes and life goals, I help others around me do the same and that is an elevated purpose.

I don’t see it possible to be free while you’re selling work hours. It really is the hour of your life. Think about it.

Take control of your time. Your life. Use your hours and your days to be happy, fullfilling your purpose in the world.

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