" What is useful for people is useful for the business . " – Leo Burnett

There is no business without people. In times of change, as are the times of crisis, many people want and need to make more money. This creates a huge demand for solutions. Those who have them do many good business, because what helps people is useful to to the business.

If you're looking for a way to create wealth for you and those around you, do not think about what you have to give, but what people need. Then arrange a way to provide it. That's it.

Think about the skills you have and check if there is a trend in the market that looks for someone with these skills. If there is, fantastic. Go forward with your business. If not, it's fantastic all the same: develop new skills and then progress with your business.

One day, many years ago, I decided to do graphic design. I sought employment in this area. Nobody wanted to hire me. So I decided to create my own job as a designer. I keep this profession and still have clients from that time.

I earned a lot of money using a computer at a time when most companies were assembling graphic leaflets with scissors and Scotch tape with an estimated cost per cm2.

10 years later that market was completely saturated. Today you don't earn money unless you have a solid reputation and customers that value your art. A new person can not make money in this industry.

The same happened with computers. Today there are technicians everywhere, low prices, huge competition. Nothing to be compared with the 90's when everyone wanted a PC, sales gave 50 % profit and the computer companies appeared out of nowhere every day. Great opportunity. Today, it's a business worth cents and, like all businesses worth cents, it needs to be done on a different scale. Who wants to start now a computer store will have many difficulties.

It's been the same with the telecommunications and mobile phones, real estate, personal loans and cards, among others.

Today, as always, the opportunity lies in the solutions.

Who has solutions for what people want is who will succeed.

But what people want and need today is not the same as what they'll want and need in 3 years.

You need to be aware.

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