"All companies of any size need to continually seek the right leaders, the right team and the right people to be able to act quickly on the market." – Steve Ballmer

Let's see what this conversation about business has to do with you. A lot. It's that you, whether you like it or not, you have a company. It may have many employees or not, but always has at least one, one who can not be dismissed: tu.

Your company is called "Me, Ltd." and has a boss, an employee, suppliers, customers, pays taxes, operates in the market, sells products or services, does marketing, has Research and Development, accounting, management and customer support.

– "I am employed, I have nothing of that."

Precisely: you do and don't know you do.

So you can't run a business that don't even know exist, you can't take care of the customers you don't know what you have, you don't do the marketing that you don't know exists, you don't study and evolve beacuse you don't have notion of the existence of a department of Research and Development.

Can you imagine a company to prosper abandoned by itself? Without having a proactive presence in its market? It would go bankrupt, right?

I find curious:

  • A company that grows 2 to 3 % per annum know it's in trouble. But if your income grows 2 or 3 % per year, in January, you think it's normal(!).
  • If a company fails to diversify its product line, if it doesn't conquer new markets it's doomed. But you think it's normal to depend 100% on one salary.
  • If a company doesn't seek more knowledge, better people, more training, more leaders, it loses responsiveness and has a traced path. But you think normal not to study every day, better yourself, evolve or acquire new skills.
  • If a company finds a unexploited or underexploited market niche, it will engage in exploring this niche with all it's two forces, because it knows that what is more rare in this world is a good opportunity. But you think it's normal to come across with incredible opportunities and you don't look twice at them, as if it were a bus that runs every hour: "If I don't catch this one, I'll catch the next one."
  • If a company needs to act quickly, success is 90 % timing, why do you think you can postpone the action for tomorrow ("I don't feel like it now," or "I'm not really, really, really sure")?

How's your personal company? You don't have great options to choose from: either you're going towards the direction of success or failure. There is no middle ground in these things.

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