I’ll tell you true stories that will leave you without reaction.

I had never set foot on a yacht, in fact, rarely on a boat, even row boats. The truth is that we all deserve to enjoy the finer things in life, we all deserve to live life to the fullest, regardless of circumstances.

Last week I went with some Lazy Millionaire friends to enjoy some time at sea on the sailboat Oceanis 58 (the “Lazy Millionaire yacht”) in the company of Aaron Rashkin, one of the most respected Internet Marketers in the world.

My circumstances less than 1 year ago were a constant struggle every month to provide the necessary for my family.

But it is not me who I want to talk.

In this video are the tops of income of the Lazy Millionaires with well over half a million euros earned in commissions from everyone.

And everyone has a story challenging, to say the least.

Translation of this vídeo begins at 8:20. You can still enjoy the rest of the video and see the Lazy Millionaire Leadership Council members have a good time :)

We chose this beautiful spot here in Cascais Bay, as you can see. We came to spend the day in this fantastic sailboat with this group we call Leadership Council, which is a group within the Lazy Millionaires of people who are at a certain level of leadership and results.

This is where things are positioned, were things get decided and it’s where you belong. You just need to know what the qualifications are, what is needed to be here.

Right now we have this boat (8:50) but we’ve already been talking about one big enough for many hundreds of people and your place is here.

A big hug, see you at the event.

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Paula Garcia survived with 150 euros per month, the result of a small salary and an attachment to the debts of her company, now bankrupt. A few days before Christmas she lost her job, her house, her boyfriend. Even the 150 euros she had before she no longer had, and she found herself on the street without a roof or a bed to sleep in.
While we were on the Lazy yacht, she announced that she had surpassed the $ 30,000 in commissions. She became a leading reference worldwide and inspires thousands of people every day with her example .

Marina Leal and Carlos Slim were entrepreneurs with no life of their own. Marina has never allowed herself to think of herself, gave her all for their companies and employees. There was no lack of money, but lacked life. She woke up to this reality when she had a serious cancer problem.
Seeing her life in danger helps anyone to organize priorities and she, along with her ​​husband Carlos, decided to enjoy life and make a difference. They earn money and won their lives back.

I got to know in detail the incredible story of Mario Carreira and Carla Antunes. As entrepreneurs with no life of their own like Marina: they moved much money that was not theirs, and at the end of their day, little or nothing was left.
I learned that they had no money to buy the products of Empower ( as I had not ) and still they built in 4 months a business that is giving them $1,000 per day while enjoying life with each other.

The story of Sílvio Fortunato and Cesarina I know even better. Coming from bankruptcy that left more than 200 thousand euros of debt they never lowered their arms and never accepted the failures as defeats, but as steps.

I owe him a lot. I owe them inclusive being here typing this article, because without Silvio I would not know anything about internet marketing or the Empower Network. They are in the top 25 in the world, earned more than $ 250,000 this year and deserve all the good they are achieving.

My story with Melissa, my wife is full of struggles and difficulties, but also of always positive spirit and a great will to win.
Look it is not easy to believe that we will achieve when you have to add water to the milk for it to be enough for my daughters’ breakfast. Melissa is like this: she always believed we were going to make it, no matter the circumstances of the moment.

And we did it!

In the last 7 days we had this fantastic ride on the Lazy yacht, we had a Lifextreme event during an unforgettable weekend, and I earned $ 18,500.00 dollars in commissions related to only this week.

We are living the life of our dreams, to accomplish great things for the benefit of thousands of people and you deserve to be on this boat.



Income statements in this message.
Are by no means guaranteed income of any kind.
All examples presented are real and verifiable and are here as an illustration of what is possible.
The average income statistics are published in real time HERE.
We believe that you can also achieve great results and that you will do the right choices for you to live a fantastic life.
Because you deserve it, let’s make it happen.

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